Our commercial projects have included work with Restaurateurs, Hoteliers, Builders and SPA owners:

  • Interior Designer Rajesh Pai, Oye Shaava Restaurant, Church Street, Bangalore
  • Architect/Interior Designer Kabir Hira, Park View Hotel, Chennai
  • Architect/Interior Designer Kabir Hira, World Cuisine Network Restaurants, Bangalore
  • Architect/Interior Designers ‘Idicom’ – Int. Designer Disha,  Nandhana Group, Bangalore
  • Builder & Architect/Interior Designers ‘MORPH’ Prestige Constructions,  Angsana SPA, UB City, Bangalore
  • Architect/Interior Designers ‘Transform Design’, Influence SPA, Manish Malhotra collaboration, Chennai
  • Interior Designer ‘Articulations’ – Int. Designer Preethi, Jublee Hills Resort, Hyderabad
  • Architect/Interior Designer ‘Tilak Associates’, Aloft Hotels – Estia Restaurant, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore
  • Architect/Interior Designer ‘CDE’ – Sr. Arch Anand, Blue Petal Hotel, Bangalore
  • Architect/Interior Designer ‘KL Talreja Associates’ – Amit, Furniture Shop Interiors, (Nepal)
  • Architect/Interior Designer ‘Arun Nalapat Architects’, Fine Dine restaurant (Bahrain)


We have created numerous bead curtains and screens for homeowners. Some of these projects have been in affiliation with Architects and Interior Designers:

  • Interior Designer Mrs Lamba, Homeowner Mrs Kaura, Private Bar Space
  • Architect/Interior Designers ‘DeepaJayesh’ – Arch. Jayesh, Homeowner Mr Rahul, Drawing Room French Windows
  • Architect/Interior Designers ‘Inner Dimension’ – Int. Designer Usha, Penthouse Window
  • Architect/Interior Designers ‘Inner Dimension’ – Int. Designer Usha, Table Base Curtain
  • Interior Designer Ms Skrutika, Home owner Mr Jeetendra, Lounge Room Separator
  • Interior Designer ‘Paradox Black’, Temple Room entrance
  • Architect/Interior Designer ‘Planet 3 Studio’, Bed post Bead Curtain
  • Ms. Veena Kuruvilla, French Window and Drawing Room Separator (Qatar)
  • Architect/Interior Designer ‘Bodhi Tree’ Arun Balan, Temple Room Sribashyam Residence
  • Architect/ Interior Designer ZZ Architects, Temple room
  • Architect/Interior Designer Rachayita Architects, Restaurant


  • We have also worked with Wedding Planners and Set Designers.

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